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Ao Ba ba is a typical traditional costume of the South in general and the Mekong Delta in particular. Not only used for daily wear, the current bra also serves many different purposes such as: performing arts, year-end photography, … Each type of traditional costume in our country has its own meanings.

Ao BA BA transformation:

Ba ba capital has no neck. The body is made of whole fabric and the front body is divided into two pieces, connected by buttons. Ba Ba shirts designed for women often line the waist at the hips to help highlight the beautiful curves of the body. Through each stage, the Ba Ba shirt is varied in many different ways

In the past, Ao Ba Ba was used a lot by the peasant class, so it would be widely designed, the dye was usually black or brown, the material could be a quick drying fabric. . In addition, the former Ba Ba shirt button is usually used with snap-fasteners.

Later, the Ba Ba shirt is designed with different buttons to help create a highlight for the outfit. The design of Ao Ba Ba is not as wide as before, but is sewn to improve the waistline to help highlight the beautiful curves of the woman. Ao Ba Ba color can be dyed blue, pink, yellow, red, … instead of just brown and black. In addition, Ao Ba Ba is also created in the style of shoulder-clasping, wrist, especially the lotus-leaf, and woven styles, which are acquired from foreign clothing styles.

Ao Ba Ba is usually worn with bandanas, silk pants, or pants with the same fabric material as the shirt. These can be considered as accessories to create a characteristic for the South western. Ao Ba Ba represents the image of a supportive, strong and resilient of Vietnamese woman in the two wars of keeping the country. Besides, it also represents the gentle but seductive feature of a woman in the South. It becomes a family love symbol because when wearing it reminds us about our mom, sister, grandmother… and our childhood memories.

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