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162/42a Nguyen Viet Hong, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho city


The rice plant has become an economic and cultural symbol of Vietnamese people since back generations. “My childhood is flown in the fields”. That lyric is like a picture that depicts the whole peaceful place, with immense rice fields, with buffalo shepherding children, and with sweaty well-worn brown shirts their parents – the farmers are wearing. The rice plant has become an unforgettable nostalgia that is impressed on every Vietnamese’s memory.

The rice plant goes hand in hand with the history of the country – From the old days of the creation of the world, people knew how to grow rice for food and trade. Since then, the rice culture has been formed and drived in our country.

The rice plant with Vietnamese’s childhood – We must be no stranger to the image of buffalo shepherding children sitting under a tree to look after rice fields; or in the image of early mornings, parents had to wake up, preparing a pot of steamed rice and carrying a pickaxe to go to the field to nurture every rice plant. Those familiar images have become an endless source of literary and poetic inspiration for Vietnamese art. Who has the heart to forget the joyful feeling of looking at the rice field every crop when their all family members harvest the rice, talking about their daily life stories and seeing their children excitedly running on the dike to help the family bring the rice home? Sometimes when Vietnamese expatriates come across and talk to their compatriots in the foreign land, they recollect a peaceful childhood.

Rice – the pride of Vietnamese people: Nowadays, we produce rice not only for domestic consumption but also for export to foreign countries. And Vietnamese rice is always on top of the world, becoming one of the country’s economic strengths. In particular, Vietnam is considered to be the place producing the best rice in the world – ST25 rice, recognized by the European Union and other countries around the world.

Life lessons: the image of rice has become the inspiration for life lessons. By the image of the rice plant, people bring their emotional feelings into it: “The deep river is quiet, the mature rice lowers its head: The importance of ability to listen is beyond words”.

The rice plant is now obviously a cultural and spiritual symbol that is truly familiar to Vietnamese people. It is the nostalgia of expatriates, the beautiful memories, and the profound lessons about human love. Today, rice is also the great national pride, and an immeasurable asset of Vietnamese people.

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